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The Best Carpet Cleaning Machine for your Home

HOOVER Power Scrub

If you want high-end results and that deep carpet clean in your home without the added cost of hiring a professional. Then this short summary of different carpet cleaning machines is for you!

Hoover Superpower Power Scrub

This machine is top of the line. The machine works on a dry or wet carpet. Hoover SpinScrub Brush technology thoroughly cleans your carpet.

This professional grade carpet cleaner has a deep suction mechanism that allows it to clean and dry your carpet faster than most of the other cleaners on the market. It uses fast action brushes that will clean every fiber and from all angles. Once you have finished your carpet cleaning, the grooming brushes will give a final touch to the carpet for impeccable results. This machine has a gold rating by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). Besides top-quality carpet cleaning features, there are also upholstery tools that will allow you to clean your upholstery and furniture.

The Hoover Power Scrub is strong against the dirt but very gentle on your carpet. So it will not damage the carpet.

Bissell Deep Clean 36Z

This machine is also know as a pet deep cleaner. Which means that if you have a cat or dog, this is the right choice.

It has a specific container for the storage the pet’s hair it sucks up. You will vacuum up dirt the eye can not see with the might powerful engine this machine has. It even cleans pet urine without the need for any additional chemicals! The settings for different types of carpets are adjustable on the side of the the machine so you can use it for spot cleaning things like pet urine or as a normal carpet cleaner.

Carpet Cleaning Machine Tip

To get the most out of a carpet cleaning machine you need to know something. They are not like normal vacuums. Most of them actually require you to vacuum normally before hand. This is because they will wash the carpet for you and you don’t want dirt going into the machine when it goes through the wash cycle.

What Machine to Buy?

It’s up to you.

Do you need a more generic machine? Then the Hoover might be for you. If you need something that will help with spot reduction as your pets are always making a mess. Then the Bissell might be the carpet cleaning machine for you.

Nevertheless investing in a good carpet cleaner can be the best decision you ever make.

On a side note using a heavy duty machine will prolong your carpets lifespan. Professional carpet cleaning machines work wonders when cleaning your carpet and really getting out the dirt.

That is machines done. If you like you can read this article on some DIY carpet cleaning tips.