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Best Things to do in Gateshead

If you have ever been to the UK then you have probably only visited major cities of the country which are widely popular.

But there are also other hidden gems that are just as fascinating and can be a joyful experience for you and your family. Take Gateshead for example. It is a town located on the southern bank of river Tyne by seven bridges. The town is full of tourist attractions which will need a few days to explore. Let’s talk about the best things to do in Gateshead.

Millennium Bridge

One of the bridges linking Gateshead is the world’s first and only tilting bridge, the Millennium. People taking a boat ride will cross under the bridge wowed by its magnificent structure. It is lit at night which attracts thousands of visitors to witness the curved arches. It is open for pedestrians and cyclists throughout the year and you can enjoy a quick snack while you cross this giant mega structure. The bridge tilts everyday on 12 noon from May to early September and it is a sight not to be missed.

Angel of North

This is one of the most renowned works of contemporary art and was designed by Anthony Gormley in the year 1998. It is a steel structure at 20 meters tall and has wings that are 54 meters across. It is seen by thousands of visitors everyday and can be reached by car or public transport.

BALTIC Center for Contemporary Art

This is the perfect spot for fans of modern art.

An old floor mill was transformed into this international art gallery in December 1992. The building consists of gallery spaces, educational workshops, artist studios, a retail souvenir shop, river side café and on top of the building is a revolving restaurant giving view of Gateshead and its surroundings. Entrance is free all days.

Dynamix Skate Park

A performing arts training company with an indoor skate park for children of ages about 9 to 12 and teenagers 13 to 18. There are different time slots for beginners as well as more experienced skaters and the company also hosts mixed sessions where one can bring along scooters and skate boards. The park is also accompanied by an onsite shop and a snack bar.